Reflective Personal Development Journal

As the Creative Economy has been growing continuously over the past few decades. Many people who work in the Creative Industries have to work on the creative briefs in order to create the value to the industry itself. As an interior designer, I have experiences in working on creative briefs before, but I never have… Continue reading Reflective Personal Development Journal

Note to Future Self – Reflective Essay

‘An interior designer who do not know business or experience one’, yes, this would be the description of me one year ago before deciding and flying to do my Master degree here in the UK. As my course, MACE, MA Managing in the Creative Economy provides me vital knowledge in all aspect about the business… Continue reading Note to Future Self – Reflective Essay

Me x Customers Insight

Customers Insight The Virgin Atlantic Airline use Marketing Mix which provided three-class cabin configurations in its aircraft. These are: • The Economy Class • The Premium Economy Class • The Upper (Business Class) products So, it means that Virgin Atlantic serves everyone everywhere. Looking further at the problem from the customer side, I found that… Continue reading Me x Customers Insight

Me x Problem Addressing

Currently, Virgin Atlantic is facing a problem in term of its booking service. The lack of consistency in previous years has meant a lack of brand clarity for Virgin Atlantic. Furthermore, the lines between flights and bespoke holidays have blurred. How is the sub-brand going to solve this issue? It is such a big question… Continue reading Me x Problem Addressing

Me x D&AD briefs

After a short new year break …. here, now, a semester 2! A first class on (8th January 2019) for this semester was ‘Experiencing the Creative Industries- Professional Practice’. The ambition for this class is to make us specialise in a specific creative industry through a ‘live’ project or competition brief. The ‘live’ project is… Continue reading Me x D&AD briefs

FitMe – Social Media

Now it’s time to think about ‘How the customers find out about us…about FitMe?’ The answer for us is through ‘Social Media.’ Why social media??... After Jo (My teammate), a marketing manager has been researched and tackle our target audience; we found out that most of our target group using social media intensively throughout their… Continue reading FitMe – Social Media