We joined a first Trade Fair.

On 24 January 2019, every team, 11 startups teams of Design Thinking Class have to join the Kingston trade fair in Kingston Business School (Atrium) in order to present our idea, our product. We develop our product (Fit ME) based on the comments that we got from 'Dragon Den.' Logo: After we got the comment of… Continue reading We joined a first Trade Fair.


We pitched in Dragons’ Den.

Have you ever watch ‘Dragon’s Den’? …. Asked by our course director. Some of us say Yes, some of us say No… me either no, never watch this before. Dragon’s Den is a TV show (many versions across the world). It is an entrepreneur pitch for investment in the den from the dragons. Dragons mean… Continue reading We pitched in Dragons’ Den.

I work in a group to find a problem- our first idea.

I have to find a group to work on Startups project together. It should be 4 people (2 from MACE and the rest from other class). After talking with classmates, I finally found my teammates. Shad, Timsi, and Joe. Our group is Team SKKT (It's from the first alphabet of everyone's name... lol). After several… Continue reading I work in a group to find a problem- our first idea.

I storm from ‘Brain to Body’.

To be honest, this is the first time that I heard this word ‘Bodystorm’. I have no idea what this is really mean… and how it different from ‘Brainstorm’. Brainstorm Process for generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and freewheeling group discussion (Business Dict,, No date). Han Bluedorn (2014) states “Brainstorm is also an… Continue reading I storm from ‘Brain to Body’.