From what I have learned- Reflective Essay.

Reflective Essay The first semester of master degree, as a MACE18, was so fast as a blink of the eyes. I have learned a lot during this time. I realized that in order to be successful in business or be able to run one business, it requires fundamentals of business management theories and practices. What… Continue reading From what I have learned- Reflective Essay.


I learn about ‘Strategy’.

Strategy is a framework for making decisions about how you will play the game of business (Ann Latham, 2017). STRATEGY = KNOWLEDGE + CAPABILITY (the power to accomplish things) STRATEGY = WHAT YOU CAN CONCEIVE + WHAT YOU CAN DO STRATEGY = “developing and leveraging resources and capabilities so that we can face unpredictable futures”… Continue reading I learn about ‘Strategy’.

I learn about ‘Intellectual Property’.

'Who is your Hero?' was the first question from our guest lecturer, Naomi Korn, to kick start our first class in Intellectual Property. We all had different answers; some say, actors, some say, designers, some say famous people and some say, parents. For me, my papa is my hero and also my ideal person (I… Continue reading I learn about ‘Intellectual Property’.

I learn about ‘Branding’.

The last class of Managing in Creative Business is Brand Management. Once again that we had a guest lecturer. Right from the start, we were asked with few questions... but one question that surprises me is 'What were the earliest things to be branded?'... which answer is Human Branding, in another word is Slave. They… Continue reading I learn about ‘Branding’.

I learn about ‘Finance’.

"M…Money, Moneyyy and Moneyyyyyy!!!!" That was the only thing I first thought about ‘Finance'. However, when it came to 2 classes of Entrepreneurial Finance (09.10.18 and 13.11.18) with our guest lecturer, I found out that there are a lot more elements and theories behind it…. Finance Finance is a term describing the study, management, and… Continue reading I learn about ‘Finance’.

I learn about ‘Advertising’.

Advertising is attempting to influence/reach the buying behavior of your customers (target market) by providing a persuasive selling message or effective ad campaign about your products or services. While I was preparing for the class and I found this quote from Michael Warr, a director from The Film Factory (2016) ‘If you have a 30-second… Continue reading I learn about ‘Advertising’.

I learn about ‘Marketing’.

Last two week (06.11.2018) we had a guest lecturer in Marketing. Yes! Marketing! This class was all about ‘Marketing'.  The ambition of this class is to make us understand the fundamental marketing concepts in order to develop and applying it to a real product. What is Marketing? CIM: The Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2015 defines… Continue reading I learn about ‘Marketing’.