FitMe – a first Trade Fair

On 24 January 2019, every team, 11 startups teams of Design Thinking Class have to join the Kingston trade fair in Kingston Business School (Atrium) in order to present our idea, our product. We develop our product (Fit ME) based on the comments that we got from ‘Dragon Den.’

Logo: After we got the comment of our last logo ‘FiitMe’ which is similar to ‘FilMe’ and people will misunderstood and confused about our company name. So, we all decided to be just ‘FitMe.’ Then, I redesigned the logo and also the layout of the back of the card.

Drawing: I took responsibility for this part. After I tried to find exercises list (mainly in body weight with no equipment), then Timsi helped me out with the description of all exercises. We combine it and sent it to Joe and Shad to put in the layout.

Design: We designed and worked more on design, drawing, and layout. At first, Joe and Shad changed the layout of the front of the card to a black color. After we printed the first draft, we noticed that it is not going well with our product identity (color and style). So I redesigned again on the layout.


Package: As we could not produce our product on time for the Trade Fair, but we still want to show a prototype. So, we agreed on having everything like we have a real product and ready to sell. I think it is good for both of customer and us to get the idea of our product. Joe ordered the metal card boxes from Amazon, and I designed the label for the packaging.

Video: Shad took responsibility for this part, he made our first FitMe Video. As we did not have a product yet, Shad worked on video by using some Motivation quotes and free-commercial-use video to present our company and product.

Trade Stand: I took responsibility for this part (because Joe and Times joined the KU Sprints pitching). Since we only have two tables for it, I decided to show only necessary things on the table which are 1.Logo, 2.Rule of game, 3.Prototype, 4.Motivation quotes, 5. Our media channels and 6.Other decorations.


Most of the comments that we got from our first trade fair were about the design of stall, the way that you decorate the stall/ booth. Janja suggested us to think of people who pass by if they do not know what our company is, how our stall speaks to them. We are a game and exercise company, so it should be something to show that to the customer. However, we, Fit Me won the ‘Best of Trade Stand’ Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! We got 40-pound rewards heheheeeeeee;)


Anyway, we still have many things to improve and here are some comments from our judges,

  • Stall and everything on the table should be accessible to notice, easy to read, easy to see.
  • Think about the eye-sight of the customers
  • Product = Star?
  • Be careful about what you put on the table for decoration.
  • Check the display from near and far
  • As we a team, dressing in the same style is necessary (might be a sport and work out style)
  • As we sell a game, it might be good if we try to play it to catch the customer’s attention (Even we demonstrated how it played on the table, it will be better if we play it for real).
  • We were doing good at giving a business card and examples of our product (we tried to give to everyone).
  • We have the eye-catching-color of our product’s identity (so try to make the benefits out of it).
  • We have an interesting design and layout.

It is time to improve our product,
see you in the next trade fair.

This is another story from my journey,



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