We do Prototyping.

After we done with the research, interview, and brainstorm. Now, we have to do a prototype of our Exercise Game. At the first place, I don’t understand why we have to do a prototype for this first pitch, ‘Dragon Den’. I think it should be fine with just talking and presenting about the idea and hope that everyone will follow us and be able to imagine what our product going to look like…. However, we have to do it but what is ‘prototype’ is anyway….

Prototyping This idea came from product design, architecture, and interaction design which is less common in the business world. Prototyping is a tool for developing the business model. It’s also visual thinking which forming the abstract idea to be tangible and facilitates and also help us explore different direction in which we could take into our business model. Therefore, we can explore particular aspects of an idea by making a prototype.

“A prototyping rarely describes all that the elements of a ‘real’ business model. It focuses instead on illuminating particular aspects of the model and thus indicating new directions for exploration.” Alexander O., 2010 

Design As we decided to make a card game, main designs are all about artworks such as color scheme, logo, font, layout, etc. and I, as a designer, take responsibility most of the design work.

 Logo: At first, we name our product as ‘HIIT ME’. HIIT is from High-Intensity Interval Training which is the main workout type that we focused and we want it to sound in a competitive way like Hit Me. Unfortunately, it too similar to our competitor’s name so we change it to ‘FIIT ME’ (suggestion from our course director) and use it as a logo with heart rate line instead of an alphabet, ‘M’.


Color scheme: From research, I found that color that suits for the high-intensity workout or competitive workout is colors in the warm tone like red, yellow, orange, pink, etc. As we cannot decide which color that we want to go for…. So, we put all the colors in warm tone together like a gradient one (solve all the argument…hahaha). 

Layout: As we want it to be readable, portable, and easy to play. So, we decided to make a card game in A6 size which is bigger than a normal card game. On the back, I put logo and gradient color underneath it in every card. On the front, I put 3 main things which are related to the rules; illustration (to illustrate how to do the exercise), Instruction (to illustrate how to do the exercise), and the amount of time/rep.

 Rules: My teammates (Shad and Joe) love card game so they know a lot about how it works or what is the rule that easy for all level of fitness enthusiasts. We don’t want to make it more complicated or really hard or intense (Timsi will help them not to make it really hard to play). So, this is our game’s rules…


This is our first prototype….

48389297_914449975346067_5867485076538785792_n.jpg 48423579_351081438777556_5446891779783655424_n

To keep in mind…

“If you freeze an idea too quickly, you fall in love with it. If you refine it too quickly, you become attached to it and it becomes very hard to keep exploring, to keep looking for better. The crudeness of early models, in particular, is very deliberate.” Jim Glymph, Gehry Partner

This is another story from my journey,


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