We learn to study Competitor.

After we decided to make a card game, we tried to look at the market to see how many competitors in the market. After searching, my teammate (Shad) found out that we have only one competitor which is Strength Stack52. Stack 52 is designed by a Military Fitness Expert and used by the US Army. Therefore, Stack 52 provides a variety of exercise game such as Bodyweight Exercise Games, Flexibility Exercise Cards, Dumbbell Exercise Cards, etc. However, there is one type of card game that similar to our idea which is Stack 52 HIIT Interval Workout Game. 



(All information and pictures are from http://strength.stack52.com/ )

Analyzing your opponents to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and work out how best to counter their tactics, is the norm for the top sporting teams (The Telegraph, 2017).

Here’s what our competitor is teaching us about productivity across various aspects of their company that’s helping change our idea for the better:

Design: In my point of view, we think the design is fine but it’s too serious. Every card is all in black and also a card in other games too, It all comes in one style and it is no different among all types.

Size: We think it’s too small in term of working out because sometimes I find it difficult to follow the instruction while working out.

Rules: We have tried to play and follow the rules in this game. We found the rule is complicated and sometimes we lose the concentration while working out. I would say it’s quite hard for a beginner.

Channels: They have their own website to show their story, articles about exercise, product, videos, and etc. They also provide customers with a mobile application. Therefore, they sell their products through Amazon.com.

Price: Thier products’ price starts from £10.99 – $62.99. The price for HIIT Interval Workout Game is £25.99. This price rage shows us how much that people who want to buy this kind of exercise game are willing to pay. It is like the price reference for us to help us set the price for our product in the future.

Target Customer: Fitness Enthusiasts in all level.

Me part:  I think looking at competitors and everything they are doing. It gives us insights into what’s working and I should focus my time on and what isn’t working and I shouldn’t waste my time.

“Finding out what a competitor is doing wrong is just as important as identifying what they are doing right”  The Telegraph

This is another story from my journey,



John Rampton (2015) 10 Business Lessons I Learned Studying My Competition. Available at https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/254120 (Accessed 01 December 2018)
The Telegraph (2017) Keep your enemies close: what you can learn from competitors. Available at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/connect/better-business/lessons-from-rugby/learning-from-business-competitors/ (Accessed 01 December 2018)



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