I storm from ‘Brain to Body’.

To be honest, this is the first time that I heard this word ‘Bodystorm’. I have no idea what this is really mean… and how it different from ‘Brainstorm’.

Brainstorm Process for generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and freewheeling group discussion (Business Dict,, No date). Han Bluedorn (2014) states “Brainstorm is also an essential part of critical thinking and a tool that people use to invent an idea, find a solution to a problem, or answer a question”.

 There are 4 main rules to have a successful brainstorming which is Stay focused, Enforce Rules, Think Visually and Prepare (Alexander O., 2010).

6 Elements of the perfect Brainstorm from Hans Bluedorn and Nathaniel Bluedorn (2014);

  1. Pick a question or problem to solve: Make the prompts clear and simple.
  2. Pick a time and place
  3. Encourage discussion and ideas: The objective of brainstorming is to produce as many ideas as possible. It is forbidden to criticize other people’s ideas.
  4. Set a time limit: Never brainstorm for more than an hour.
  5. Write all the ideas down and organize.
  6. Get rid of bad ideas: During brainstorming, most of your ideas are going to be useless. After the brainstorm session is over, spend time discussing which ideas might actually work the best.

Moving to Bodystorm, Bodystorming is a helpful technique for designing customer interactions. Rather than imagining an interaction by brainstorming, the idea of Bodystorming is to act as if the product or workflow actually existed by roleplaying the different parts of the interaction.

Me part: The task was given in class (in a group) was pretending to be a person who is on a wheelchair that faces any problem during the time in Business School Kingston. We came up with some problem form our brainstorm that we thought that they’re facing
– Doors in each room are too heavy.
– Not enough automatic doors
– The path is not convenient.
– Tables in the classroom are not suitable for them.
– Elevators
– Narrow corridor
– Not enough toilet for them.
Then, it’s time to do a Bodystorm. We were asked that one in the group have to sit on the chair and try to go to the bathroom on the third floor. Then we have to do an interview with a person in a wheelchair.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-23-at-16.28.26.png  After that interview with a teammate, what we found is more interesting. we found that due to the confusing direction in the building, sometimes they don’t remember which way id the way to go to the bathroom. Sometimes they went to the wrong direction and then they have to go far more than they should, so tired. One more problem that we found is that a sign in this building is made for a normal level of eyesight and it’s difficult for people in a wheelchair. The most important, our teammate told us, ‘I feel like I don’t want to be excluding from others I don’t want to have a different table like that’. It made me realize that if we want to solve someone’s problems, I have to really talk to them and really understand them, what they really want and what are they really need.

This is another story from my journey,





2 thoughts on “I storm from ‘Brain to Body’.”

  1. Will you use these two techniques for developing your startup project? What are in your opinion the pros and cons of each technique?


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