I work in a group to find a problem- our first idea.

I have to find a group to work on Startups project together. It should be 4 people (2 from MACE and the rest from other class). After talking with classmates, I finally found my teammates. Shad, Timsi, and Joe. Our group is Team SKKT (It’s from the first alphabet of everyone’s name… lol).

After several classes passed by, it’s time to find some idea that we want to work on. We decided to go find personal problems that we are facing every day. Then, we all will discuss together and pick one to work on. After our first meeting, we came with a lot of problem such as…

  • Problem with using a phone while raining (the touchscreen does not work sometimes)
  • Problem with feet getting cold
  • Problem with socks can get wet (due to London’s weather)
  • Problem with running out of battery in a smart phone
  • Problem with carrying a lot of personal containers
  • Problem with carrying a coat
  • Problem with cloth hanger (When taking the shirt out of the hanger, sometimes it makes the neck area of clothes stretching out)
  • Problem with cut vegetables (when refrigerating cut vegetables, it wilted)
  • Problem with exercising
  • Etc.

After we discussed, we decided to work on my idea which is a problem with exercising. I told them my problem is when I workout on a mat (like bodyweight training), I am a beginner in a workout and sometimes I have to stop working out and stand up to look at the instruction on the wall because I cannot remember all the steps in each pose. I find it interrupts my workout flow. I also don’t like to look at the application on a smartphone because sometimes I’m watching or listening to my playlist during working out. So, I suggest them my solution which is the instruction of exercise on the yoga mat.

My teammate works further on my idea, we try to brainstorm for more ideas of the solutions. So, here is our development for the first presentation.
– Print both side of the mat (so they can decide which one that they want to follow)
– Half of the instruction printed on the top of the sheet and the other half is printed (reverse) in the bottom of the sheet so that people who follow the exercise don’t have to step out from the sheet.
– Having many version of the mats which can be any types of exercise or any levels (mat for a beginner, mat for intermediate or mat for stretching out – cooling down, etc.)

We present to our class by showing our bodystorm which make people understand more about our problem….

48981191_290888958297868_7481444270667202560_n.jpg 48413922_1832776743515415_1946537246505041920_n.jpg 48407166_561487944325034_7500758803021824000_n.jpg

Feedback from the class: Most of them got our point and understand our problem. So, they also like our idea of the solutions. However, some of them said that they all look at their smartphone rather than buying a new mat. Some of them concern about 2-side printed mat because normally people will keep using one side and let the other one get dirty. And there are many more of the feedback which is really helpful for our development.

Me part: At the first place, I don’t want to work with someone else because we all new and we barely know each other. I don’t know that I can get along with others to finish this project or not. However, I can not run away from it. After we work together, I realized that it’s good to have someone (teammates) to discuss which one is good or which one is bad. Sometimes they also give an opinion about the idea from the other perspective.


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